Sunday Buffet

So here we are. Sunday Buffet. A sampling of songs that have been floating around my hard drive and tempting my ears that I think deserve a more in depth mention. Please let us know what you think.

This four piece band from Chicago has captured the 1990s sound of Smashing Pumkins in a bottle and is using it will. Watch out. Catch them at Arlene's Grocery in NYC on April 18th.

mp3: Apteka - Edie Sees --> website --> buy

Midnight Movies
I just received a copy of Midnight Movies' EP, Nights, and was pleasantly surprised. This band from LA does a grand cover of the Moody Blues' A Night In White Satin, but the French version is even more kick ass.

mp3: Midnight Movies - Mes Reves De Satin --> website --> buy

Devin Greenwood
Greenwood released his EP in 2006, so I guess I'm a little late on him. That being said, he's pretty phenomenal. Greenwood's slow deep drawl swings and drops until a trance has been thrown on you. He's an amazing musician from Philadelphia that bends music genres at will.

mp3: Devin Greenwood - This Over Here --> website --> buy

Heroes Of Popular Wars
In their own words, this Brooklyn four piece says they "play electro/acousto - dance rock and like to jam." Very true. HOPW won me over with the atmosphere of sounds they create. It gives these casual pop songs an amazing world to live in.

mp3: Heroes Of Popular Wars - There's The Bell --> website --> buy

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