Plundering and Cursing - Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt is a five piece out of Oxford, Mississippi. On April 1st they are releasing a new album on Fat Possum entitled Plunder, Beg, and Curse. I was lucky enough to get a chance to give this album a couple of spins and I must say I'm impressed. Plunder strikes it up instantly with energy and passion from the thumping drums, rolling bass, and swirling guitars to the enjoyably racy lyrics that seem to delve into religious and philosophical ideals throughout the album. Lead singer Jesse Coppenbarger has a voice as powerful as Morrison and as angst ridden as Cobain. Like Cobain the slightly paradoxical lyrics light up each song. "Eden is a hell of a place." That's a line that instantly hits you with a smile and a thought. While the harder rock songs are clearly my favorites, the slower tunes, while not as inviting, still shine and give the album texture and depth. Overall this is a solid rock album that doesn't break any new molds, but I was never concerned with that from the first note to the last. Colour Revolt finally gave me something I always love. R O C K.

mp3: Colour Revolt - Naked and Red --> website --> buy
mp3: Colour Revolt - Moses Of The South

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