A Statement For State Bird

State Bird is the musical project of Coby Hartzler and Jason Riblet. They just released their 2nd album in February entitled Mostly Ghostly on The Record Machine label. After a couple of spins of this Ohioan band, I've come to an understanding of what I perceive is going on throughout this album. It's full of metaphors and parables that parallel life, it's cruel truths, and it's awe inspiring realizations. How does it translate musically? Well State Bird captures the wildness of bands like Of Montreal and the avant-garde styles of Grizzly Bear then sets them up on a blind date with David Byrne and...poof...Mostly Ghostly. This album doesn't smack you in the face like most music does these days. Rather it slowly sneaks up on you from behind with a bottle of chloroform...and....before you know it...it's got you (in a good way).

mp3: State Bird - The Golden Glowing Mask --> website --> buy
mp3: State Bird - A Voice As Old As Fire

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