The Deadly Syndrome Sets The Tone

A couple of months ago I was perusing the local calendars of different clubs and checking out various bands that I hadn't heard before. On this particular day I came across a band called The Deadly Syndrome. A look of fear drew across my face as I dared to open their myspace page. You see I'm from Baltimore. It may seem that we have a decent indie scene in the area...well we do, but for a long time Baltimore has had an infamous screamo/metal scene going. That's pretty much what I thought I was in for. 90% of the time a band that has 'Dead' or 'Syndrome' is going to not sit well with my musical taste. Luckily I have learned over the years not to judge a book by it's cover and proceeded to open the web page. What I found was a pretty phenomenal four piece from California that plays great indie rock in the neighborhood of early Flaming Lips and Cold War Kids. The Deadly Syndrome released their debut album, The Ortolan, last year on Dim Mak Records. This is a deep album that is held together by lead singer Christopher Richard's clever vocal stylings, but sometimes completely morphed into something amazing through blazing instrumentals for extended moments. This gives The Ortolan great mountains and valleys as music goes. Some instances they play simple melody bouncing sweet songs. The other instances they delve into more complex guitar laden arrangements. Sometimes it's in the same song. This was pretty astonishing considering it is their first release. Other blogs have thrown them into the Arcade Fire/Wolf Parade category, which is a great category to be in, but I don't quite see that. These guys from LA have defined their own powerful sound on this first cut. Now we just have to wait for the next.

mp3: The Deadly Syndrome - Eucalyptus --> website --> buy
mp3: The Deadly Syndrome - Wolves In The Garden

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