Maddening March Musical Madness Part 2 - The Midwest

The Favorite: Radiohead/Kansas
Can you really route against them? Sorry Arctic Monkeys. No contest. I'll also say the same for Kansas. Of the games I've seen them play, they dominated on defense and killed on offense.

The Cinderella: Sunset Rubdown/UMBC
I'm a little biased on this pick, but you'll see me routing for UMBC all the way. Not to say I dislike Georgetown or Of Montreal (I really enjoy Of Montreal), but Sunset Rubdown/UMBC are going to take this one. Go Retrievers!

Game To Watch:
There's two actually. Band Of Horses vs. The Decemberists and Elliott Smith vs. Bright Eyes. I'm going with The Decemberists and Elliott Smith.

What do you think? Download the full bracket here.

mp3: Radiohead - Life In A Glass House
mp3: Arctic Monkeys - Dancing Shoes
mp3: Okkervil River - Savannah Smiles
mp3: Grizzly Bear - Knife
mp3: Band Of Horses - Is There A Ghost
mp3: The Decemberists - Sons & Daughters
mp3: Beirut - Cliquot
mp3: Elliott Smith - Memory Lane
mp3: Wilco - Hummingbird
mp3: St. Vincent - Jesus Saves, I Spend
mp3: Iron & Wine - Such Great Heights
mp3: Of Montreal - Cato As A Pun
mp3: Sunset Rubdown - Us Ones In Between

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