Maddening March Musical Madness Part 1 - The East

So it's that time of year again. Tourney Time! In place of the usual Toofer Toosday segment, I've come up with Tourney Toosday, otherwise known as Maddening March Musical Madness. You see, when the bracket for this years NCAA Men's Basketball tournament came out, my team was no where to be found (with good reason). So I've decided to make things a little more interesting for myself and hopefully a bit more enjoyable for you too. I've painfully matched up all of the college teams on the bracket with some prominent popular musical acts of today. Obviously the rankings were tremendously difficult to come up with, but with the help of The Hype Machine's Zeitgeist combined with my own musical sense, I think I've put together something decent. Some bands may have been left out, but that can also be said for some colleges too. You can download the full bracket here (or click on the image above). I'm going to go over it region by region. First up, The East:

The Favorite: Arcade Fire/North Carolina
Arguably one of the best bands around, and North Carolina has definitely proven they belong up top. This was one of the toughest pairings since I'm not quite a fan of UNC, but a huge fan of Arcade Fire.

The Cinderella: Yeah Yeah Yeahs/Boise State
I'm not sure how good Boise State's basketball team is, but something tells me the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show their bones and pull an upset over the favored Bloc Party.

Game To Watch: MGMT/Butler vs. Simian Mobile Disco/South Alabama
If only a head to head match up of MGMT and Simian Mobile Disco would really happen. That would be SICK!!!! Oh...and I guess Butler vs. S. Alabama would be good...I guess.

So...what are your picks?

mp3: Arcade Fire - In the Backseat
mp3: Bon Iver - For Emma
mp3: Vampire Weekend - A-Punk
mp3: Animal Collective - Grass
mp3: Daft Punk - Da Funk
mp3: Cold War Kids - Robbers
mp3: Modest Mouse - Here It Comes
mp3: Cat Power - The Moon
mp3: White Stripes - Now Mary
mp3: Architecture In Helsinki - Wishbone
mp3: Bloc Party - Banquet
mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion
mp3: MGMT - Kids
mp3: Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
mp3: Justice - DVNO
mp3: Kate Nash - Foundations


Anonymous said...

I love any music fan who also has some sense of the March Madness brackets. I am no doubt the ideal reader you had in mind for your site -- a rapidly approaching 50 year old music nut.

I found my way here through the Hype Machine because I was looking to find the "everytime we fight" song. I had heard this a few times recently on the local Emerson College radio station and had assumed it was some delightful unknown from the 1980s that the DJ was putting on as a special signature, until yesterday my wife came home and announced to my daughter that she had heard a great song on the car radio that had a somewhat breathy female vocal and a somewhat robotic backing, and I said does it say "everytime I fight, I know it's not right," and we knew that no matter what we had similar tastes in music.

Well, so much for all that. Thanks for the site.


Red Army said...

Hey! Thanks for these tracks, I really like this collection.
I'd like to add Simian Mobile Disco's Hustler video as a bonus!