In The News - Mystery Jets, Portishead, Blockhead, & Among Wolves

Ahhh Mystery Jets. So much pop. So much energy. So much fun. So good. So they have a new single out Monday called Young Love. It's pretty darn good and the have a video for it right here:

Good ain't it?

mp3: Mystery Jets - Young Love --> website --> buy
mp3: Mystery Jets - Flakes
mp3: Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis (Justice Remix)


If you're like me, you are super psyched about the new Portishead album coming out on April 29th on Mercury/Island. It's only been about a bazillion years since the last one. Hopefully it's good.

mp3: Bjork - Isobel (Portishead Remix)


Speaking of music with the word 'head' in it, everybody's favorite DJ Blockhead has just posted a new remix of an old Nina Simone song on his myspace. Grab it up quick because apparently this will never be released. Never ever ever ever.

mp3: Blockhead - Nobody's Fault Remix --> website --> buy


Finally our good friends Among Wolves are back in the studio recording a new album that hopefully will be out sometime this year. They've been posting some demos on their myspace and I have to say I like where they're going.

mp3: Among Wolves - The Lesson (demo) --> website --> buy


rené said...

nice one for sure!
lately i discovered Victime ... another french daft-like band... they have nice tracks on fairtilizer.com like these two...
"Welingtons remixed"

laurent the laurent said...

Victime is definitely awesome. Thanks for the link.

gaohui said...

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