Friday (I'm A Remix)

So it's that glorious day again...and? Well for starters it's my birthday weekend, so I'm looking to celebrate a little more than usual today. I feel like making history! How? I dunno. I could always start a new catch phrase or slang...I mean Snoop did it, how hard could it be? Umm....uh...um... uh.... okay... I GOT ONE. Prolific. As in, "Man those shoes are prolific!" or "Damn, those beats are prolific!". Perhaps you could switch it around to a negative by saying, "Dude, your breath is prolific! Here's a tic tac." Well maybe I could have done better. Any suggestions. To get you thinking, here's some prolific remixes.

mp3: Memphis Bleek - Alright (Ratatat Remix)
mp3: Arcade Fire - Black Mirror (Andrew Maury Remix)
mp3: RJD2/Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (EL-P - Lazerface Remix)
mp3: Nas - Hope (Beirut Remix)

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