Sewn Into Teletextile

A few weeks back I received Care Package, the 2007 debut release of Teletextile, in the mail. The cover bears the resemblance of a package wrapped in brown paper with photos bound to it with hemp rope. It was as if I was receiving a gift from a long lost relative or a friend overseas. I took the disc on my travels for the night. Dark and rainy, I had to drive slow allowing me to completely submerge myself in the music that followed. The first track, Come To Bed, draws you in with light layers of strings and bells. Then Pamela Martinez's vocals start. This is Teletextile. Martinez's voice is smooth and soulful. It tells the story with the sheer melody and inflection of it. Brian Hamilton accompanies her in playing various instruments throughout Care Package creating a sparse yet expansive sound. After repeated listens I often drew the comparison to Psapp (mainly for the production side), but Martinez's vocal range is broader and more defined. Based in Brooklyn, Teletextile has developed somewhat of a stellar live show incorporating video into the production. Go find out for yourself tomorrow night at the Lo-Fi in Baltimore. They'll also be playing The Outlook Loft in VA on the 9th and The Midway in NYC on March 4th.

mp3: Teletextile - Come To Bed --> website --> buy
mp3: Teletextile - Ampm Two

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amazing music