The Run Down - Sunday February 17, 2008

Nothing like a good ole laaaaazzzyy Sunday. If you do happen to make it out of the house today, there are a couple of supremely good shows. The first being at a new venue in Alexandria, VA called the Lab. It's a all ages benefit show for Cal Robbins and features performances by Tereu Tereu, Bellman Barker, and Jawbox (On Cello). If you like electro pop travel on up to Philly to catch Freezepop, Boy In Static, and The Model at the North Star Bar. Or you can just relax on this mellow Sunday with some music.

mp3: Freezepop - Chess King --> website --> buy
mp3: Boy In Static - Skull (Sebadoh Cover) --> website --> buy
mp3: Tereu Tereu - Don't Be Sore, Farmer John --> website
mp3: Bellman Barker - Charles Kil --> website --> buy


Gordon said...

Technically it's Jawbox on Cello (Jawbox songs done by a cello quartet) -- Jawbox broke up in 1997. Don't want to get peoples' hopes up *too* much! :)

Thanks for the mention though!!!

laurent the laurent said...

Thanks for the heads up Gordon! I made the correction...I guess that lazy Sunday is having an effect on my reading and proofing abilities.