The Run Down - Saturday February 16, 2008

Well if you live in or are traveling to Philadelphia tonight you will have a multitude of great shows to choose from. At Johnny Brenda's you can catch some great indie hip hop with Food For Animals, Mi Ami, and Pissed Jeans. If that doesn't satisfy your hip hop quota then, swing over to the Tritone to see the Alien Architect. If you like indie rock, I mean really good indie rock, the North Star has you covered with Drug Rug, The Bye Byes, Ezra Furman & The Harpoons, and Movable Type. Finally the Fire has the last day of the Northern Liberties Winter Music Festival and it has a super sweet line up. Illinois, Drink Up Buttercup, Cheers Elephant, Peasant, Crooked Looks, East Hundred, and Creaky Boards will all be performing,

mp3: Food For Animals - Swampy Sumer Jam --> website --> buy
mp3: The Alien Architect - Extracting Easthetics --> website
mp3: Drug Rug - Tiny People --> website --> buy
mp3: The Bye Byes - Leftover Lois --> website
mp3: Ezra Furman - Moses --> website --> buy
mp3: Illinois - Headphones --> website --> buy
mp3: Drink Up Buttercup - Seasickness Pills --> website
mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed --> website
mp3: Peasant - The Wind --> website --> buy
mp3: Creaky Boards - Brooklyn (Will You Love Me Forever? Will You Kill Me Now?) --> website --> buy

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