Society Of Mary Show - In Review

Space 2640 is old St. John's, a dilapidated church on the corner of 27th and St. Paul. Last night, though, it was a place where people poured their hearts out for the sake of life and the expression of it. It was wonderful. The artwork. The music. It all fit together. Way to go Orlando Johnson (the man that put it all together, though he is too modest to admit to anything). I was quite taken aback by all of the musical performances of the night. Everyone played honestly and soulfully...making it quite hard to describe. But I guess I have to...you know...for the blogs sake. Cakes of Light from New York had the rough duty of opening the show, but they pulled it off and then some. Jay Dunbar (singer/guitarist) has a voice that I've heard, but can't quite put my finger on. That doesn't matter...his voice captivates you and brings you in to discover a rich lyrical world filled with politics, mysticism, and, of course, Jay Dunbar. The Violet Hour followed and took it down to the floor, literally ditching the stage for an up close and personal affair that the other acts would continue. The duo of Andriana Pateris and Beth Varden produce a psychedelic sound much larger than the two of them. The music basically put me into a trance before Noble Lake took the floor. People and children gathered around to watch James Sarsgaard and his band grab hold of the audience with their self described 'pre-radio modern country sound'. I had sense that it was going to be good from the moment I saw the banjo, the saw, and the harmonium. I was right. This performance has me highly anticipating the debut release from Noble Lake (hopefully in February). Closing the show was Orion Rigel Dommisse. Everyone was relaxed. Some were even laying down. It was as if Orion (performing solo while beautifully plucking the strings of an electric cello) was singing us all a lullaby. Not a lullaby for sleep. A lullaby to inspire.

Truly a wonderful evening.

mp3: Cakes Of Light - Western Lands --> website --> buy
mp3: Orion Rigel Dommisse - Simon Sent For Me --> website --> buy

Cakes Of LightNoble LakeOrion Rigel Dommisse

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