The Run Down - Saturday January 5, 2008

Wow. That's all I can say about the shows going on tonight. At the Lo-Fi in Baltimore a serious rock and roll show is happening. There is no doubt that Le Rug, Pianowire, Screaming Females, and Abiku will tear it down. Also in B-more, the Talking Head plays host to Jason Dove & The Magic Whip, Prabir & The Substitutes, Frenemies, and Labianca. Up in Philly there are two great shows. At the North Star Bar, The What Monsters play along with Infinica, Falkonr, and Triggers. Finally at the Fire there is an amazing line up of bands including Drink Up Buttercup, Cheers Elephant, Ezra Furman, Hezekiah Jones, and Small Flightless Birds. Wow.

mp3: Le Rug - The Loveless Fuzz --> website --> buy
mp3: Screaming Females - Fun --> website --> buy
mp3: Jason Dove & The Magic Whip - End Of The Year --> website --> buy
mp3: Prabir & The Substitutes - Oh, Marie --> website --> buy
mp3: Labianca - Tracks --> website --> buy
mp3: The What Monsters - The Suburbs Of Hell --> website --> buy
mp3: Cheers Elephant - Wide Eyed --> website --> buy
mp3: Ezra Furman - I Dreamed Of Moses --> website --> buy
mp3: Hezekiah Jones - Nothing's Bound --> website --> buy

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