Retreadin 2007 Part 5

We all know Radiohead is great. If you look them up in the dictionary it says 'great band.' So this past summer when we were all anticipating the release of their new album in '08, we were all expecting it to be pretty good. Then they went and did what great artists have always done since the beginning of modern art. They did what they wanted to do. They wanted the fans to have the music first. They gave us a present and let us decide what to give in return. All of a sudden the relationship between band and fan became closer. Of course it wouldn't have mattered if the music wasn't good. It was. In fact it was great. There was passion and focus flowing through each song from start to finish. Waves of rhythm would pull you from one song to the next. Then they would bottom out and let the lush vocals of Yorke do the rest. In the end, Radiohead did indeed produce one of the best albums of the year. It's a fact.

mp3: Radiohead - All I Need --> buy
mp3: Radiohead - Nude
mp3: Radiohead - Reckoner (LoveTongueAttack Bmore Remix)
mp3: Radiohead - Nude (Amplive Remix)


Don't miss a great show tonight at the Lo Fi Social Club in Baltimore where We Read Minds, Suicide Dolls, Heroin UK, and Algebra of Need are performing.

mp3: We Read Minds - You're Too Young --> website --> buy