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It's not often that you're emailed good music. The other day Finn Parnell of Siberian sent me a few tracks off there brand spankin' new album, With Me. The tracks kinda blew me away. How are these guys not being talked about? Well they deserve to be. Hailing from Seattle, Siberian plays atmospheric indie rock in the same vein as Interpol. They're not a cheap imitation of Interpol, though, like many bands out there strive to be. These guys play well thought out music that is usually only coming out of well seasoned bands. I digress. Listen and love and demand for an east coast tour!

mp3: Siberian - Belgian Beer And Catholic Girls
mp3: Siberian - Islands Forever
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Margaret said...

John Sakamoto mentioned this band in his weekly Anti-Hit List column Nov. 10, Toronto Star newspaper.