Division Day Rides Again

So a while back I heard the Song 'Tap Tap Click Click' by Division Day and it proceeded to get extensive play in the old 'pod. Then other music enveloped me at the time and Division Day was but a distant memory. Their album, Beartrap Island, came out this year with good reviews, but somehow it managed to escape my grasp. That is until now. DD reminds me of Voxtrot mixed with Bloc Party mixed with...Division Day. They're fairly unique blending off kilter driving beats with catchy melodies and lyrics. The best part of the album is DD's ability to vary the types of songs while maintaining an identity as a whole. Sometimes they pump up the sound with fast hardcore beats laden with great hook lyrics. Sometimes they slow it down for an almost dub-esque sound. All great songs. See for yourself then go get it.

Division Day - Ricky.mp3
Division Day - Hand To The Sound.mp3
Division Day - Enjoy The Silence.mp3 (Depeche Mode Cover)
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