More Radiohead innovation

Apparently releasing an album fully online and allowing people to pay what they want isn't enough. EMI/Parlophone will be releasing a 7 disc box set with all their full length albums on December 10th, but will also offer the option to have all 7 plus digital artwork and the like available on a special USB stick in the shape of the Radiohead bear. That's pretty slick.

Available for pre-order here.

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JB said...

if you want my opinion, and you probably don't, EMI is pissed that Mr. Yorke and the boys switched labels and are trying to get as much money off them while they can. The release of the CDs will be through XL, the same people that brought you 'The Eraser'. This is something that EMI has probably been sitting on for a while because they knew Radiohead were leaving. Parting is such sweet sorrow.