The Slice

John Vanderslice is the man. He is so much the man that I have shortened his name to simply "The Slice". Album after album, The Slice continues to churn out solid indie rock that strays from normal pop tendencies. There's no recipe to his genius, he just writes great lyrics(a bit of poetry and a bit of story telling) and is a master producer. The drums are thick and the guitar is up front with you patting your back, urging you to go on and tap your hand on your leg as if you were strumming along(ahhh the run on sentence). Ever since I heard MK Ultra's 'The Dream Is Over', I knew this guy is for real. He's not just a guy actually, he's The Slice. Keep on slicin' Slice!
The Parade (from Emerald City)
Trance Manual (from Pixel Revolt)
They Won't Let Me Run (from Cellar Door)
The Dream Is Over - MK Ultra (from The Dream Is Over)

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Also--he's on tour with Bishop Allen!!! Go check em out! Now!

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