Toofer Toosday- White Williams & BOAT

White Williams has sparked my interest recently and has me anticipating his November 2nd release of Smoke, his debut album from Tigerbeat6 Records. White Williams, aka Joe Williams, has been playing music for a good while now alongside Girltalk's Greg Gillis. Williams' music reflects Gillis' in a certain way, but then again not at all. Williams' crafts pop songs emersed in life. His use of samples and synthesizers build homes, hills, and mountains around his timid vocal melodies. He pushes the definition of pop songs to new levels much like Girltalk completely rewrote the book on mash-ups. Please check him out.
White Williams - Violator

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Don't let the picture scare you, these guys are good. Hailing from Seattle, BOAT is indie rock at it's best. Catchy pop and an unfiltered sound means these guys are stuck on repeat on the pod. Please check them out.
BOAT - Holding All The Globes

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