In Rainbows - What I Think

Like many people today, I downloaded Radiohead's new album In Rainbows. In my half asleep daze I was able to listen to it on my hour long Wednesday commute to work. Here's my take:
1. 15 Step
Starts off good. Yorke's voice is beautiful going along with a broken up beat. Then...I thought this was a regular Radiohead song...that baseline!!! This is a great Radiohead song!!! Was I ever in doubt? No.
2. Bodysnatchers
Okay okay okay. WTF!! This song rocks. They drummed up that OK Computer intensity for this one. This one goes to 11. I'm saving this one for a dire friday at 5 O'clock.
3. Nude
What should always come after a hard hitting song. Beauty. This song is beautiful. Radiohead is clearly operating on another level now.
4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Am I wrong or is this album super rhythmic? A great beat with smoothly picked dual guitars and Yorke's slightly delayed vocals. That's just the beginning. Everything builds then drops into 'Weird Fishes'. Then sonic waves of guitar, bass, vocals and...sonic waves just pour over you.
This song is ridiculous. THIS IS THE FRIGGIN' SONG! I COULD TRY AND DESCRIBE IT. I CAN'T. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER TO BOB MY HEAD, SING ALONG, SMILE, CRY, OR EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. There is no doubt that DJs will be hungry to use this in all types of mixes. Folks THIS is why that vinyl will be out in December.
6. Faust Arp
After a song like All I Need. I needed a break. Something to calm me. Faust Arp is that song. Strings. Acoustic Guitar. Thom Yorke.
7. Reckoner
Oooooooh yeah! I like that beat.
8. House of Cards
People seem to be perplexed by this song. As am I. It reminds me of U2 a bit. I like it but I think this one has to grow on me. I will say that it still fits with the superb flow of this album.
9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Did I say before that Radiohead is on another level. Their energy as a band really shows on this song.
10. Videotape
This is how an album is supposed to end. An amazing arrangement of sparse rhythms building and joining together...not in a climatic way...but to the end.
That's my take. They did it. They friggin' did it. My question was always 'Radiohead is a group of just amazing musicians constantly producing stunning music. How could they possibly get any better?' Ladies and gentlemen, they just did. If you do not have this album, go get it. Now.

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JB said...

I still can't put it into words how much i LOVE this album! I had high hopes for this album and it crushed my expectations. How do they continue to do this? Seriously!