Toofer Toosday - The Sound Of Arrows & Oren Lavie

The Sound Of Arrows are Swedish duo Oskar Gullstrand and Stefan Storm. They make music. The kind of music that does circles around your heart with crazy liquid reverb and transfigure analog piano lines. Gullstrand and Storm have a new EP, Danger!, set to be released on May 7th and then will follow it up with a LP in the fall. This EP teases you with textured pop songs so that when it ends you have no choice but to listen again. Throw some solid remixes onto the backside of it and you've just scored the perfect after midnight snack.

mp3: The Sound Of Arrows - Danger! --> website --> buy
mp3: The Sound Of Arrows - Danger! (Panache Remix)

Here we are, riverside, at midnight watching the moon speckle light between the trees while the sound of the water flowing is like a nocturnal symphony. this is Oren Lavie, a songwriter from Berlin via New York. A rising talent in Europe, Lavie decided to start his own label in New York this year, Blue Smile, using his album The Opposite Side Of The Sea as it's inaugural release sometime soon. He makes gentle music for gentle times and he might even garner comparisons to Drake. He should. A deep beautiful voice paired with quality recording and production leave me with nothing bad to say about him. Oren Lavie is nice.

mp3: Oren Lavie - Her Morning Elegance --> website --> buy
mp3: Oren Lavie - The Opposite Side Of The Sea


jesselun said...

I'm totally creeped out by their picture

gaohui said...

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