Toofer Toosday - 13Ghosts & Neva Dinova

I dreamt last night I was a member of the Eagles and somehow Don Henley and company were short on luck, losing everything in Vegas. So there we were, riding in an old beat up boxcar, traveling where ever the train took us. What instrument did I play, you ask? Why a drum sequencer and sampler, of course. When I woke up the next morning, I realized I had fallen asleep listening to 13Ghosts new LP, The Strangest Colored Lights. This Birmingham, Alabama 6 member band plays country infused classic folk rock with a large dose of distorted reality painted all over it. Very intriguing indeed.

mp3: 13Ghosts - Beyond The Door --> website --> buy
mp3: 13Ghosts - Whip Poor Will

Imagine. You're down south. It's hot. You stroll into a dank bar and the smoke swallows you whole. The ceiling fan is spinning slow as the wallpaper begins to peel off the wall (as if you're in a Coen brothers movie). Sounds gradually drift your way. A moody southern slow rock with a twist of the unkown. You then mosey on over to a empty bar stool and replenish your tired mind with booze and the salty tunes of Omaha's Neva Dinova. If you like that kind of cinematic song writing, then Jake Bellows' Nevo Dinova, who just released You May Already Be Dreaming on Saddle Creek, might be a good play for you. Check them out on May 11th at DC9.

mp3: Neva Dinova - Squirrels --> website --> buy
mp3: Neva Dinova - Supercomputer


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