Sunday Buffet

Again...I'm fairly tired. Tired enough to skip Sunday Buffet...no.

Broken Records are a 7 Piece(wow) from Edinburgh Scotland who play European folk dipped in modern Scottish alternative. They had me at glockenspiel and accordian.

mp3: Broken Records - Slow Parade --> website --> buy

Cobra Collective is a group of four from DC. Like many a band nowadays they take on that new wave dance rock sound. Luckily for them that their DC rock roots overshadows that a bit to make a truly great music.

mp3: Cobra Collective - Legionnaire --> website --> buy

Hot Lava is a quartet from Virginia that remind me of Enon and Deerhoof but with loads of time working a computer desk job (like me). They play The Velvet Lounge on May 12th.

mp3: Hot Lava - Jpg In The Sun --> website --> buy

The Dig are a band from New York and guess what? They play great indie rock (a shocker). So good you should definitely press play....NOW! Catch them at the Red and the Black on April 17th and at the Sidebar on June 18th.

mp3: The Dig - Marianne --> website --> buy

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