Sunday Buffet

It's Sunday again and it's time for the next installment of the Sunday Buffet. There's something here for everyone, so please be adventurous.

Headlamp is a four piece from Brooklyn that plays great indie songs held together by the vocals/song writing of Chuck Criss and some banjo(?). It's like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah turning out a wicked sweet hoe-down.

mp3: Headlamp - We Wish We Were Kids --> website --> buy

Honey Claws is a quartet from Austin. These guys jump from echoing electronica to house rap to pop without missing a beat. Must be the DJ duo they've got going on. Don't mess around...go check them out.

mp3: Honey Claws - Villains --> website --> buy

Johnny Neon is a synth pop duo out of South Africa . Their music is self described as "the pursuit of pop culture nightmares and vintage electronics." True. Very true.

mp3: Johnny Neon - Dance On Fire --> website --> buy

Kadman is a trio from Baltimore that plays quiet, almost ambient, folk pop that sounds better with the lights off. They are playing the Ottobar on April 22nd with Ra Ra Riot.

mp3: Kadman - Diesel --> website --> buy

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