The Run Down - Saturday April 5, 2008

Saturday's are always pretty grand and this one keeps the tradition going. In Baltimore there's a phenomenal show at the Talking Head with HEALTH, Ponytail, Ecstatic Sunshine, and Videohippos. In DC there's three dynamite events. The Black Cat has Georgie James, Tereu Tereu, and Olivia Mancini and The Housemates, while the Rock and Roll Hotel has Kelly Stoltz, Julie Ocean, and the Dirtbombs, and finally DC9 has Bellman Barker, My Robot Friend, and Wooly Mammoth. In Philly don't miss Ambulance LTD, Bear Hands, Will Light at the North Star.

mp3: Georgie James - Cake Parade --> website --> buy
mp3: Julie Ocean - At The Appointed Hour --> website --> buy
mp3: Ambulance LTD - Ophelia --> website --> buy
mp3: Bear Hands - Bad Blood --> website --> buy
mp3: Bellman Barker - Two Bees --> website --> buy
mp3: My Robot Friend - My Robot High School --> website --> buy
mp3: HEALTH - Crimewave --> website --> buy
mp3: Videohippos - Narwhals --> website --> buy

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