Revamping Vampire Weekend

So we've all heard Vampire Weekend. They've got the hype. They've been compared to the Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, and the Beach Boys. Their debut is superbly arranged and recorded. What's not to like? Then you look at them. They look normal, average, swell, nice guys. They definitely don't look revolutionary by any means. Yet for a while there no one could stop talking about them (and obviously we're still talking about them). Vampire Weekend was actually one of our first posts, back when we were just getting our feet wet. I guess they were in the same place then too, just getting some buzz with a self released EP. Then it grew and grew into the boostified band we all know. The question now is, "Will success destroy them? Will their performance and sound falter because of popularity?" I hope not because when I listen to this album, I'm in pop heaven (you know the one with John Lennon at the pearly gates). There's nothing trite about it. Pure, unabashed wholesome pop treasures that should be in most people's music collection. Oh...and don't forget about the afrobeat.

mp3: Vampire Weekend - One --> website --> buy
mp3: Vampire Weekend - Walcott


jesselun said...

shhh...the secret is out. They are actually a jamband

laurent the laurent said...

Actually I heard they were setting up to do a big collaboration with Just Jazzin:

Adi said...

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