Mr. Jones

So the folk scene is HIGHLY SATURATED. I often tire of actually. So what does it mean when a folk album passes through my hands that I end up enjoying? It means it's damn good. Why? There's personality, charm, pain and sorrow leaking out of every crack of the album. Every track doesn't hit me the same way, but on the whole Hezekiah Says You're A-OK by Hezekiah Jones comes together well with no strings attached. No booming choruses, no xylophones and tubas. Just a guitar, some choice melodies and vocals, and the occasional spice of an instrument. Being from the Philadelphia region, you can find Hezekiah Jones playing up and down the east coast frequently. Check their myspace for current dates.

mp3: Hezekiah Jones - Postpone --> website --> buy
mp3: Hezekiah Jones - Agnes Of The World

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