Kudos For The Dodos

The Dodos' Visiter starts off simple and unassuming with a generally good acoustic rattling light pop sound...much like the album cover might suggest (which was drawn by special needs kids from Ms. Dorsey's classroom in South Central Los Angeles). Minimal. Raw. Sketch. Then the second track, Red and Purple, storms in with pounding rhythms and jingling bells that would make Animal Collective blush. This sound continues onward with various depths of the drums, guitars, hand claps, choruses, and subtle ambients. By the end you feel overjoyed and heart broken at the same time. The Dodos consist of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber from California. When recording Visiter, their second album, they set out to capture the fervent energy of their live shows. With John Askew as the producer they recorded live tracks in the warehouse sized Type Foundry Studio with minimal post production. Instead they focused on drum sounds and mic placement to create an undercurrent of uninhibited vibrations that echo through the melodies and into your soul. Visiter is truly a powerful experience and is deserved all the praise it is receiving.

mp3: The Dodos - Red And Purple --> website --> buy
mp3: The Dodos - Winter

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