The Jealous Girlfriends...Finally

By all accounts I should have heard of The Jealous Girlfriends before. Their song Lay Around played on Showtime's The L Word, two of their songs (off their upcoming album), Roboxulla and Something In The Water, were used on Grey's Anatomy, while the song Carry Me was on CSI: Miami (which I usually turn off after the sunglasses go on). Their music video for How Now even won the IPod music video contest. So how is it that it took me so long to hear and love them? I guess it's a thing called fate that brought me to them...or maybe it's the fact that they opened for Nada Surf (wait...that's probably it). The point is, if you haven't heard them, DROP EVERYTHING and take a listen. Aside from the fact that their live show is an intense display of sheer rock goodness, The Jealous Girlfriends self titled LP (due out on April 22nd on Good Fences) grabbed me, slapped me, then hugged me. Blending the soulful voice of Holly Miranda with the soaring guitar of Holly Miranda with the smooth deep voice and red hair of Josh Abbott with the lush bass and keys of Alex Lipson with the daringly great drums of Mike Faden, this wonderful quartet from New York puts together a hypnotizing selection of spirituous pop rock. Many would probably say they have a New Pornographer type of sound, but I'll take it a step further and say they are channeling the Pixies covering Fleetwood Mac. Decide for yourself when they play at the Rock and Roll Hotel with Sea Wolf on May 25th. Make sure you pick their album up on Tuesday.

mp3: The Jealous Girlfriends - Secret Identity --> website --> buy
mp3: The Jealous Girlfriends - Something In The Water


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