I thought I'd lost the Static Of The Gods

Sometimes I lose CD's. Even ones I like. I listened to Peluche, the new EP from Boston's own Static Of The Gods weeks ago. I thought it was great. It reminded me of fellow Boston rockers, The Sheila Divine mixed with B-more's Avec. I actually left the three song EP in my CD player for three days. And then I'm pretty sure my car ate it. I can't blame my car, as it is a delicious EP, but yesterday I managed to dig it out from between my drivers seat and E-brake.

Static of the Gods have a great sound: Poppy enough to grab you right away, but deep enough to keep you coming back. For those who can't be in Boston, catch them at The Fire in Philly on May 16th.

This EP is the follow up to their 2006 LP release Cycles Follow Signs, which also rocks.

Mp3: Static Of The Gods - Jaguar Song
Mp3: Static Of The Gods - 2.33 (from Cycles Follow Signs) ---- Website ---- Buy

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