Friday (I'm A Remix)

The news has angered me this week. Damn you FRONTLINE and your revealing insights! I recently watched their expose on the environmental policies that were pretty much pushed aside by every president since 1988 (what's up with that Clinton/Gore). Many politicians didn't even believe global warming existed (some still don't) while others knew it was there, but felt mandatory CO2 caps would affect the economy, so they decided they would make them optional. Then the new Bush came in promising the mandatory caps, but basically backed out of that as soon as he was elected. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....pop! So here's my question to the new candidates. You say you're for change and happiness and greatness? What will you do? Sorry for the rant... here's some earth friendly remixes.

mp3: Sohodolls - Trash The Rental (Crystal Castles Remix)
mp3: The Rolling Stones - I'm Free (Hot Chip Remix)
mp3: Tapes n Tapes - Cowbell (The Black Eyes Remix)
mp3: Mystery Jets - Hideaway (Switch Remix)

image by Satoboy via Wooster Collective

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