The Death Set Kills It

25 Minutes. 18 Tracks. Worldwide. The album drops on April 22nd here in the US on Ninjatune (new favorite label? possibly). The Death Set define electropunk. Nothing else comes close. Worldwide will make you tap then bob then jump then sing then dance then yell then play the album all over again. Take the energy of punk, the coolness of lo-fi electronica, and the fun of...um...fun, shake it up in a tiny club atmosphere, and you've got Baltimore's The Death Set. I could ramble on with more comparisons and history and junk but screw that. Light the fuse and go!

mp3: The Death Set - Around The World --> website --> buy
mp3: The Death Set - Intermission


Spikey said...

we posted MP3 recordings of live sets from both Matt and Kim and the Death Set at their recent show in Baltimore. click their names and go listen!

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