Surrender To Appomattox

I'm not sure Appomattox is the music that will end wars (their name being the Virginia locale that the Civil War ended on), but it will definitely turn heads and spark ears. These three Brooklyn transplants play hard nosed indie rock that leaves nothing behind. Do you remember bands like Fugazi and Shudder To Think? Those bands pioneered an aggressive indie rock sound that I thought I would never hear again. Well Appomattox bring it back, but blend a resonating pop sound into it creating...well...something I haven't quite heard before. Nick Gaynier (vocals,guitar), Dave Nurmi (bass), and James Mello (drums) all come together (Voltron style) and put together songs that have inklings towards beautiful Pixies melodies. Then they smash those melodies apart with thundering rhythms and wild guitars...then some how they find themselves back at the melody again. It's definitely a trip worth taking. Appomattox's debut LP, A O, was just released on Brooklyn's Triple Down Records. They are also playing with Mussels at the Velvet Lounge in DC on March 8th before they head out for some shows at SXSW.

mp3: Appomattox - Attakk --> website --> buy
mp3: Appomattox - Too Slow

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Anonymous said...

Appomattox is awesome.. They're playing a bunch of dates starting tonight at the Velvet Lounge in D.C. w/ Mussels