Preferably Peasant

Time spent in Doylestown, PA led Damien DeRose to hone and develop the twist and turns of his alter ego, Peasant, and his unmistakable songs. In February 2008, Peasant put out his third release, On The Ground, on Paper Garden Records. This is an album that is filled with quiet, catchy folk pop whispers of songs. DeRose's song writing ability is magnificent and the production only adds to it. In the corners of each song you find distant notes and cadences that energize his melodious voice and rhythmic guitar. The greatest achievement is it doesn't leave me half asleep after listening to it (as much of today's folkish music does for me). Certainly this is some of the more hummable and memorable folk music that I've heard in a long time.

mp3: Peasant - Fine Is Fine --> website --> buy
mp3: Peasant - Birds

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