On The Bandwagon With Hot Chip

So you might have heard of this band, Hot Chip. No? Well they're super popular and just released a great new LP, Made In The Dark in January. It's taken me a while to digest this enough for me to actually form words and post on it. Back in 2006 I was thoroughly taken with The Warning and played 'Over and Over' over and over (as many did). So I was a bit nervous when first listening to this new one. There was a lot of hype. A lot of good remixes. Shake A Fist was a great first single, but how would the full length come across. From the first couple of moments with Made In The Dark I noticed the rhythms were thicker...more expansive...edgier. It sets the tone. Gliding through the rest of the album, you realize the true beauty of Hot Chip. They can bump it up with dance floor tracks then interweave silky harmonies between the bass rattles. Just when you've got them pegged, they slow it way down then speed up again, shifting synths at will, from ambient to acoustic to dub. Maybe this stems from their beginnings when they met in 2000 and wrote songs like sixth form poetry with acoustic guitars then scrapped that because it pissed them off and decided to make more defiant sounds. Change is good. Way to go Hot Chip.

mp3: Hot Chip - Wrestlers --> website --> buy
mp3: Hot Chip - Touch Too Much


David said...

yeah, great album. another band doing it for me at the moment is The Long Division: http://www.myspace.com/thelongdivisionband

The lead singers voice reminds me of Hot Chip.


Anonymous said...

Top tunes. Check out another band (with a similar sound) called The Abodes. They've got a free album available to download at www.myspace.com/abodesmusic