Friday I'm A Remix

It's been a fairly relaxing (yet tiring...hmm...) week. The weekend looks promising - full of music and love. Could I ask for anything more? Yes. Turn signals. Everybody's got them. USE THEM. IT"S RAINING. DON'T COME INTO MY LANE WITHOUT USING YOUR TURN SIGNAL. I don't have ESP so I can't quite determine what your next move will be. Okay okay. Calm down Laurent. It's Friday...and the weekend looks promising...

mp3: Ratatat - Wildcat (E*Vax Remix)
mp3: Menomena - Weird (Dekoder Remix)
mp3: Outkast - BOB (Diplo Remix)
mp3: Cadence Weapon - House Music (Bird Peterson Southbound Remix)


philo.is.to.love said...

the wildcat remix is sick. thanks for putting it up!

Anonymous said...

The Cadence Weapon music file is not linked. The file needs to be reposted