Becoming Friends with Steve Hefter & Friends Of Friends

Baltimore seems to be teeming with folk/rock/pop bands at the moment. normally I would complain of this, but they all seem to be pretty fantastic. This is the case with Steve Hefter & Friends Of Friends. He released a full length LP last year called Twist & Hold Til Morning. The first track rolls in with an undeniably folk sound, then transforms with orchestral breaks towards the end that made me immediately turn the volume up. This was a good thing. It allowed me to focus on the introspective, intelligent, and some times humorous lyrics of Steve Hefter. The rest of the album bounces from one style to another all being sewn together in a glistening pop package that is easy to listen to and begs for the repeat button. After a couple of spins I made correlations between Hefter's sound and another local favorite, Jason Dove. Then it sparked another comparison to cult singer/songwriter Jason Falkner. In the end all that really matters is that Steve Hefter and Friends (Mike Ward, Doug Keen, Pat Hughes, George French, Greta Thomas) pack a mean pop punch that has left me sore for more.

mp3: Steve Hefter & FOF - Why A Lawyer --> website --> buy
mp3: Steve Hefter & FOF - Show Me Where It Hurts

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