Want More? Private Eleanor.

Today, being the infamous V-Day, should be the day to sit down, light a fire (or a candle), find a companion, and listen to Private Eleanor (if you don't have a companion, that's okay too. Celebrate yourself!). A local band, Private Eleanor, has played around town for many years, so much so that they recently went on an indefinite hiatus. Though I am completely heartbroken that there aren't any imminent shows lined up for them (except for an intimate show on Feb. 25th @ the Galaxy Hut in VA), I am still comforted by the wonderful sound of their last album, Sweethearting. Released in 2007 on the Beechfields (Among Wolves, The Red Vines) label, Sweethearting accomplishes what many pop bands fail to. Many pop bands focus on the melody and arrangements (which are important) so much that their lyrics and meaning become transparent. Private Eleanor overcome that hurdle blending savvy folk pop melodies with genuine lyrics and heartfelt performances. They astutely combine the catchiness of bands like Imperial Teen with the tempestuous flavoring of Elliot Smith. Truly a gem of 2007. Support this band and pray this hiatus doesn't carry over too long.

mp3: Private Eleanor - A Better Way To Run --> website --> buy($5!!!!)
mp3: Private Eleanor - Enter Early And Often

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