Toofer Toosday - Miwa Gemini & Radar Bros.

Miwa Gemini is a musician from New York who has a new LP, This I s How I Found You coming out on March 18th on Rockpark Records. Gemini brings me back to the first time I heard bands like Persephone's Bees or maybe Cat Power. Whispers of piano, guitar, and mandolin line the recesses of each song. They live there quietly moving the melody and tempo as Miwa's voice sleepily paints lush lyrics over them. The end result are late night songs that settle in your mind and resonate for hours after the first note. She seems to be playing east and west coasts in the coming months, but her next show is on March 8th at LIT in New York.

mp3: Miwa Gemini - Pieces --> website --> buy
mp3: Miwa Gemini - Something Ordinary

As many might know, Radar Bros. just released a new album, Auditorium, this year on Merge Records. When I hear bands like Radar Bros. a smile slowly brews across my face. The Radar Bros. play soulful light indie rock coupled with songwriting chops in the same room as Tom Waits and Tom Petty. I know what you're saying. "Here's some blogger throwing Waits and Petty into their review of some band again." Well, I may be "some blogger", but Radar Bros. are not "some band". They're a band that hits you with country twanged vocal harmonies and soothing guitar lines every chance they get. WATCH OUT! They've got me. They'll get you too. Especially if you're at SXSW this year. They are playing on the 12th for the Forcefield PR Party @ Emo Jrs, the 13th @ End of an Ear Record and Tapes, the 14th @ The Parish for the Merge showcase, and the 15th @ the Urban Outfitters Party and the Pop Culture Party.

mp3: Radar Bros. - Happy Spirits --> website --> buy
mp3: Radar Bros. - Morning Bird

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