Toofer Toosday - The Honeydrips & Eugene Francis Jnr

The Honeydrips is the musical pseudonym for Swedish singer/song writer Mikael Carlsson. Last year he released a fairly sweet album on Sincerely Yours called Here Comes The Future. On this album Carlsson swims between atmospheric acoustic heart songs, pop sweepers, and electropop movers. When I first ran through the album, I felt a little uneasy from the sound and tempo changes. After the third or fourth time, I found myself settling in to Carlsson's unique voice and style of song writing. I also found that the broad spectrum of the album brought a surprising freshness to further listens. The Honeydrips play the Black Cat on April 2nd with fellow Swede Jens Lekman. This is a show everyone should attend (and probably already are planning on attending).

mp3: The Honeydrips - Trying Something New --> website --> buy
mp3: The Honeydrips - (Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart

I wondered why I seemed to be so entranced with Eugene Francis Jnr's music. I really did. Now I come to find his birthday is on March 8th, the day before mine. I guess my inner piscean heard the connection. It heard the basement electronic loops layered with simple yet tantalizing pop melodies. You may have heard him opening for Tegan and Sarah recently, but my guess is you'll be hearing much more from this Welsh singer/songwriter. His album The Golden Beatle is set to release on April 28th on Legion.

mp3: Eugene Francis Jnr - Poor Me --> website --> buy

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