Toofer Toosday - An American Chinese & The Republic Tigers

It's not too often you come across a band that has such a solidified identity and image so early on. An American Chinese not only has a unique sound, they also have a defined visual representation throughout their website, posters, and promos. I guess I could equate it to how I felt when I first discovered Fishboy's website and music. Why is this important? Well for me it shows they're serious for one. It also shows that they aren't just looking to play pretty songs for us to sing a long. They have a purpose and an emotion to put forth. Anyway. I thought I'd mention that before explaining that their EP, Panic Pilgrim, that I received recently is simply fantastic. The seven piece from Philadelphia blends a fun poppy sound that can be large and introspective like the Arcade Fire or small and personal like the Violent Femmes. These guys and gals have officially put themselves on the list for bands to watch. Apparently they're at work on a full length, and you can find them playing a variety of shows in the PA area. We'll keep you posted.

mp3: An American Chinese - Blaine Wiggins Failed Musician --> website --> buy
mp3: An American Chinese - No No Like That

I received another EP recently that also blew me away. It was from The Republic Tigers, a five piece out of Kansas City. This band might be in for something big. The EP was released on Chop Shop in December of 2007 and there is an album in the works for this year. They remind me of everything I love about the Shins while blending a unique, almost ambient quality to their melodies. I can always tell a great EP when I find myself eagerly wanting more after it ends. That was the case for this disc. I was pretty much sold when the thumping drum line surprisingly kicked in on the third track 'The Drums' (fitting, I guess). The list of bands to watch grows even larger with the addition of The Republic Tigers. If you're heading to SXSW this year, make this band a priority to see.

mp3: The Republic Tigers - Buildings and Mountains --> website --> buy
mp3: The Republic Tigers - The Drums

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