Say Hi To Say Hi

Say Hi formerly Say Hi To Your Mom is and surrounds Eric Elbogen. I remember listening to Say Hi To Your Mom years back and assuming an affinity for it. I guess it slowly faded to the nether regions of my hard drive, because I had to search to find it again. The search was brought on by this new album, The Wishes And The Glitch, he just released. Something was different with this album from the previous releases. Call it an emotional change, a thematic change, or a change of sound. Whatever. It was a change. And I quite enjoyed it. Maybe it was the move to Seattle...or the change in name. He succeeds where others have failed. Electro pop is a difficult genre to be in. You can easily be labeled the next 'Postal Service' just for the use of electronic beats and melodramatic lyrics. A lot of these bands just fade into oblivion. Why? They let the technology distort their style of song writing. This is not the case with Say Hi. Elbogen has his fingerprints ingrained in each beat, whistle, croon, guitar note, and sample on The Wishes And The Glitch. This allows me to listen and love the sarcastic lyrics and catchy hooks rather than scratch my head over some bizarre sample or over layered sonic fuzz. You can catch Eric and Say Hi on March 3rd @ Johnny Brenda's in Philly or March 4th at the Black Cat in DC.

mp3: Say Hi - Toil & Trouble --> website --> buy
mp3: Say Hi - Shakes Her Shoulders

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