The Run Down - Wednesday February 6, 2008

There are two great shows tonight. One of them is SOLD OUT. That one is Vampire Weekend and Sam Rosen at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Good lord that's gonna be good. Too bad I'm not one of the lucky few that scored tickets to it. Let me know how it goes. Don't be down if you can't make it because you can simply skip on over to the Red and the Black for Bell Hollow, Mellodrone, and The Opposite Sex. Gooooo Wednseday!

mp3: Vampire Weekend - Boston --> website --> buy
mp3: Sam Rosen - SOUL SHAKEDOWN PARTY --> website
mp3: Bell Hollow - The Bottle Tree --> website --> buy


Anonymous said...

what album is Vampire Weekend - Boston off of ???

laurent the laurent said...

It's off of the Mansard Roof single/ep, but it's actually called Ladies Of Cambridge (at least that's what it said on Emusic). I'm not sure which is correct though.