The Run Down - Friday February 29, 2008

It's Friday and holy crap there's some main events toooonight! At George Washington University you can witness Via Audio and Tigercity. In Philly the Khyber has Bell Hollow's CD Release show with The Deadly Syndrome (seriously check these guys out), Apple of Dischord, and Red Orange Morning. In Virginia you can spy Junior League playing IOTA with High Society. In DC, at the Black Cat, Food For Animals, Apes (CD Release), and Kid Congo Powers battle it out on stage. Finally at the Red and The Black don't miss this show!!! One part The Lisps, one part Vandaveer, one part Audrey Ryan, makes a whole heck of an awesome show. Enjoy!

mp3: Food For Animals - Swampy Summer Jam --> website --> buy
mp3: Bell Hollow - Storm's End --> website --> buy
mp3: The Deadly Syndrome - Emily Pants --> website --> buy
mp3: The Lisps - Brackish Water --> website --> buy
mp3: Vandaveer - Crooked Mast --> website --> buy
mp3: Junior League - Nameless --> website --> buy
mp3: Via Audio - We Can Be Good --> website --> buy

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