In The Kitchen With Bellman Barker Part 1

You all know that we here at Pasta Primavera are big fans of DC's Bellman Barker. They roped us in with their beautifully crafted indie pop gems and then blew us away with their live show. So it should come to no ones surprise that they are the first band to be featured in our "In The Kitchen" interview segment. I know I know. NOT ANOTHER BORING INTERVIEW! Well don't worry. It's not. You may not know it, but Bellman Barker are masters of communication (similar to masters of the universe, but much cooler). They harness the ability to send movies, images, text, and witty remarks directly through the cosmos and into your brain!!!! And I just thought they were a great band, but I soon found out they were much more when I sat down with Aaron, Thomas, Steve and the gang...

PP: Who the heck are you guys anyway?

PP: What is the inspiration for that crazy band name?

PP: Why don't you have more cowbell?

PP: Oookaaaay...what is the best band you ever played with?

PP: Makes sense. What is the worst band you ever played with?

PP: Do you now? Is your drummer deaf?

PP: What is the best concert you've ever attended?

PP: You were at that show? Wow. So tell me what bands are the most over-rated?

PP: Duh. What bands are the most under - rated?

PP: Describe your perfect day in 3 activities or less.
BB: Wake up, drink an orange julius while listening to Tatu, fall asleep.

PP: Orange Julius isn't an activity...it's a WAY OF LIFE. What venue/festival would be your dream gig?

PP: Keep on dreaming. Dang it! What the hell is wrong with this country?

PP: Word to that. Poker or spades?
BB: Hearts. Duh.

PP: I said poker or spades! No...wait... The Simpsons or South Park?
BB: South Park is pedestrian.

PP: Red wine or white wine?
BB: A good bordeaux.

PP: What's the best band you are listening to that no one knows about?
BB: We were listening to the Monks the other day--that was good.

PP: I'll say it here first. That's the hair style of the future!!!!

That's just a taste of our first meeting. Part two they delve into the realm of Lost Boys, Billy Idol...and other things.

mp3: Bellman Barker - Molly Maroon --> website -> buy

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BC said...

Totally hogged up scroll time on my feed reader, but it was entertaining, so you're off the hook.