A Dose of The LK

The LK are from Sweden. Their full name is actually The Love Of Kevin, Colour, Chaos And The Sound Of K, but I guess The LK is easier to remember. This duo is comprised of Lindefelt and Fredrik has a new album, Vs The Snow, set up to be released on March 4 on The Kora Records. They'll have a US tour to follow including dates in DC and SXSW. That's the facts. Now here's the scoop. If there was ever an example of perfect electro-noise-pop, then The LK is it. Some could say they resemble a European version of the Postal Service, but there are notable differences. The Postal Service's sound evolved from fragmented electronic sounds combined with Gibbard's hushed melodramatic vocals. The LK is textured, smooth, almost hip-hop/dance floor driven beats with Lindefelt's catchy new wave vocals bouncing all over them. What usually kills albums like these is the repetitive nature of them, but Vs The Snow changes speeds, emotions, and sounds often enough to keep me submerge in their groove. After the first listen, I found pressing play again and again. The LK are complex enough to satisfy my mind and poppy enough to satisfy my ears.

mp3: The LK - Eurovision --> website --> buy
mp3: The LK - Blakboy Vs. The Snow

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Hot damn... can't wait for the record!