The Run Down - Thursday January 10 ,2008

As the week goes on, the shows keep getting better and better. If you're in Philly you might have a tough decision on what show to attend. It will probably come down to what mood you're in. If you missed Wu-Tang in Baltimore last night, you can check them out tonight at the Trocadero. Or if you fancy indie pop rock, there's the dynamite line-up of New Motels, Long Walk Home, The Bye Byes, and Swivel Chairs at the Khyber. Or perhaps you crave the alt-blues-folk-rock genre. In that case head on down to the Ottobar in Baltimore to check out the MacGregor Burns Band playing with Mason Dixon and Good Guise.

mp3: Ghostface Killah - Underwater
mp3: GZA/Genius - Fame
mp3: New Motels - Modern Thinker --> website
mp3: Long Walk Home - Living In My Sleep --> website --> buy
mp3: The Bye Byes - Brass Tracks --> website
mp3: Swivel Chairs - Calloused Hands --> website --> buy
mp3: MacGregor Burns Band - Drink Anything --> website --> buy

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