You Saved The Day Middle Distance Runner!!!!

Sometimes music can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can pick you up and hug you when you're down, or it can shovel the last pile of dirt on your grave. A pivotal time of day for me is the drive home from work. The long day has worn me down. The selection of songs the old pod chooses could make or break my evening. Yesterday music saved the day. I was in a fairly drab mood when the tunes began to play. 'What's this?' I said to myself while a smile slowly came across my face. I looked down. It was Middle Distance Runner's 'The Sun and Earth'. Those of you unfamiliar with MDR should make it a priority to know them. This song simply rocked my brains out!!! It's great when you listen to a song and you can feel the energy and emotion flowing out of every note and beat being played. MDR's recent EP captures that the whole way through leaving your finger next to the repeat button. So if you're looking for a good soundtrack for the ride home, go track down DC's Middle Distance Runner. They are currently on tour with Mobius Band and the Epochs, and will be at the Rock and Roll Hotel on December 14th.

mp3: Middle Distance Runner - The Sun and Earth --> website --> buy

As for the rest of the drive home, these were the next to songs:
mp3: Voxtrot - Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Wives
mp3: Nada Surf - Blizzard of '77

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