Ruby Beats Remixes Architecture In Helsinki

I'm a big fan of remixes. The good ones reexamine the structure and nature of the original and essentially become new pieces all together. That is what you get with Ruby Beats. Ruby Beats(aka Noah Rubin) is a musician out of New York who has worked with Celebration(go Baltimore!), Just Blaze, TV on the Radio, and Cormega to name a few. So you can imagine my excitement to find out that he recently remixed an Architecture In Helsinki track. Noah was even kind enough to answer a few questions regarding the new remix.

What was your mind state going into this remix?
For this one I was in a really forward-moving mind state, just trying to heal from a complicated and disappointing relationship. Nothing helps more than working days on end krafting new sounds and that's just what I did!

How was it working with AIH?
I met Cameron while he was working on the bonde do role "office boy" remix with Chris Coady at Dave Sitek's Stay Gold studios. I was at another studio down the street working on a track with Cormega and I stopped in to say wassup. AIH have great energy and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Keeps me inspired to stay on the grind!

Bambaataa sound?

Bam blew up by blending Kraftwerk with the Bronx and bringing it all downtown. That's pretty much where I'm at.
Thanks Ruby Beats!

mp3: Architecture In Helsinki - Hold Music (Ruby Beats Remix) --> website
mp3: Celebration - Hands Off My Gold (Ruby Beats Remix)

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