Retreadin 2007 Part 4

Menoma's Friend and Foe, out on Barsuk Records, took a couple of listens before I truly could grasp it. Having heard their previous albums, I was prepared for 'the strangeness', yet what struck me from this album was the amount of melody incorporated into it. Menomena has a sound unlike any other band. Off kilter dirty beats combined with layers of guitar, pianos and vocals. The make up of every song varies giving a freshness to each play. This was an early suprise of an album that came out at the beginning of the year and memorable enough to be written about now.

mp3: Menomena - Ghostship --> buy
mp3: Menomena - Duel

When I first saw the name Black Moth Super Rainbow I was intrigued to say the least. As it turns out, they couldn't have chosen a better names for their music. BMSR plays a type of music only known as analog-synth-funk-wha?. That's right. Synthesizers playing abnormally funky rhythms and melodies layered with vocals using the greatest invention ever - THE VOCODER. It was only logically to have a synth voice too. Getting back to the music, there wasn't anything on the album, Dandelion Gum, that necessarily blew me away, but I kept finding myself returning to this album for a groove fix. Black Moth Super Rainbow is the elixir for your analog-funk deficiency.

mp3: Black Moth Super Rainbow - Rollerdisco --> buy
mp3: Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips

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